Listen to Janine Jansen talking about Bach and Benjamin Britten. I met her a few days before her concert in Stockholm Concert Hall where she played Benjamin Brittens violin concerto together with The Royal Philharmonic and Sakari Oramo. With the concert she once again showed that the Britten violin concerto really has got into her veins and become a part of her musical spirit. Janine Jansen brings an extreme clarity to Brittens music and even in the most difficult and dissonant parts she uncovers details and creates a rounded and inviting tone colour.
In our talk she also revealed that for her new recording of Bach E major and A minor concertos for Decca she tested to use baroque violin and bow but then in the end chose to use her “normal” instrument, the Barrere Stradivarius violin from 1727 that she have had for the last thirteen years. The instrument is a loan from Elise Mathilde Foundation. As Janine Jansen said, it is thru this instrument she communicate her musical will. And that she does very well. I do hope she can keep this instrument as long as she wants.