With her naked, innocent silver clear voice Julia Lezhneva seems to have the ability to stop time. Like a natural gift she absorbs the centuries old music and make it an integral part of her own personality. The album Alleluia with sacred baroque music and Mozart Exultate Jublate is her first as an exclusive Decca artist.
She is accompanied by Il Giardino Armonico that with overtonerich sound and amazing virtuosity has a unique ability to give the music a freshness that makes it sounds strangely modern, even though in some cases it is nearly 300 years old.
Julia Lezhneva is still only 23 years but is already on her way to conquer the great concert stages. She was born on Sakhalin Island outside the east coast of Siberia, but moved with her family to Moscow when she was seven.
Tonight she is doing a concert at the Drottningholm Theatre together with Drottningholm Theatre Orchestra and Mark Tatlow in an all Mozart programme. I met Lezhneva in Humlegarden in Stockholm and talked about her collaboration with Il Giardino Armonico and the concert at Drottningholm.